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Voltabox – deeply rooted in electro mobility

Electro mobility is a success story that began with the family of the founder of Voltabox, Klaus Dieter Frers, more than 180 years ago. Chistopher Becker developed an "electro-magnetic vehicle" in 1835, which was the first electric car in the world and has laid the foundation for the current development of Voltabox and an entire industry. 

With the founding of Voltabox Deutschland GmbH in 2014, the forerunner of today's stock corporation, Klaus Dieter Frers continues what his great-great-great-great-grandfather Christopher Becker began in the 19th century: innovative electro mobility!

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Electro mobility is both our heritage and our future

Voltabox Deutschland GmbH was founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of paragon AG as a spin-off of the electro mobility division. paragon AG has been active in the electronics sector since 1988, at that time as paragon electronic GmbH, also under Klaus Dieter Frers, then later in particular in the field of automotive electronics. The portfolio includes sensors, display instruments, components for control elements, and automotive media systems. Adjustable aerodynamic components round off the profile. 

The development of a modular system for electro mobility began in 2011, which only a few years later was spun off as Voltabox Deutschland GmbH and Voltabox of Texas, Inc. 

Voltabox of Texas, Inc. was established near Austin, Texas, to cover the North American region parallel to the German location. The change of the legal form from Voltabox Deutschland GmbH to Voltabox Aktiengesellschaft followed in 2017.

Voltabox – the pioneer in intrinsically safe Li-Ion battery systems 

With the locations in Delbrück, Germany, and Texas, USA, Voltabox knows how to efficiently, flexibly, and economically use the legacy of electro mobility for its customers in a wide range of industries. More than 70 employees (status 31 December 2016) design, develop, and produce innovative high-performance battery systems that make Voltabox a pioneer in intrinsically safe Li-Ion systems for vehicles of all kinds as well as stationary storage systems. 

The company draws not only from its own history, which starts much earlier than the founding year 2014, but finds its progress in its passion for inspirational and highly efficient electro mobility that empowers each customer in terms of different requirements and areas of application. 

Are you interested in working with Voltabox – commercially or as a highly motivated employee? Please feel free to use our contact form to send us a message. Our staff will be happy to contact you!