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Customized lithium-ion battery systems

Electro mobility has been the key toward sustainable locomotion in various areas of the business and working world – accelerated by high-quality, high-performance battery systems by Voltabox that are, for example, customized for large niche vehicles on the basis of various module kits.

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Versatile use: Li-Ion battery systems by Voltabox

The experienced company uses the proven yet cutting-edge Li-Ion technology, which is ideal for the rechargeable, professional, continuous use in local public transportation, in vehicles for the mining industry, in plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV), or in battery-electric vehicles (EV). The possible applications for Voltabox high-performance battery systems, which are based on a modular construction principle and can always be customized, are versatile:

The advantages of electro mobility as a whole and of Voltabox high-performance batteries in particular differ greatly depending on the application area and the intended use. For example, mining vehicles equipped with Voltabox batteries reduce the required fresh air supply in underground mining. The advantage of the short charge time is reflected here as well as in other applications.

Production processes with vehicles based on Voltabox's Li-Ion battery systems can also be designed more efficiently – especially in comparison to the conventional lead acid batteries. A battery can be recharged within 15 to 60 minutes, for example. Regenerative braking can also be used to recover up to 85% energy.

Li-Ion battery systems – experience the advantage!

Thanks to the long-term cooperation with various customers, Voltabox offers specific industry solutions for a wide range of requirements – always based on designing modern mobility.

Would you like to find out more about the Li-Ion technology by Voltabox? An overview is available here. The Voltabox team will be happy to offer a personal consultation about the individual advantages and areas of application of modern battery systems. Please feel free to contact us!