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More efficiency & economy thanks to Agriculture 4.0

It is still in its early phase but the revolution is fast: Agriculture 4.0, also known as smart farming, has one goal: to make agricultural production processes even more efficient with automatic machine and system control in combination with extensive data networking from cultivation areas and stables, as well as other relevant influencing factors. This bundles and saves resources and allows a more sustainable use of existing resources in agriculture. Profitability is on the rise.

The requirements


High-performance battery systems are to enable the production of food and bio-based resources that is friendly for the environment, the animals, as well as consumers.

Highly flexible

The modern Voltabox technology is flexibly configurable and scalable and can thus be aligned at any time toward changing customer requirements and market conditions.

Versatile advantage: electric drives in agriculture!

About 5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year could be saved if agriculture were to completely switch to electrification for self-propelled agricultural machinery, which in turn gains all of its electrical energy from renewable energy sources. Currently, the diesel consumption of self-propelled agricultural machinery is 2.8% of the energy consumption in transport (68 petajoule or 19 terawatt hours per year). This accounts for almost two billion liters of diesel consumption in Germany. High-performance battery systems are the first step to reducing consumption!

Agricultural machines powered by high-performance battery systems not only bring advantages for the energy balance of every single facility but also for the environment, humans, and animals:

  • Reducing the volume level of agricultural machinery – indoors and out
  • Increased work comfort
  • Reduction of engine and hydraulic oil contamination in the soil
  • Avoidance of exhaust fumes, especially in the area of animals 

Intelligent solutions for agricultural machinery

Intelligent, innovative, and integrated lithium-ion battery systems can be the key for Agriculture 4.0: Agricultural enterprises are given the option to electrify self-propelled, increasingly autonomous machines and equipment to sustainably improve their energy balance and to significantly increase the self-consumption share.

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