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Improve energy balance & reduce environmental impact

The burden of vehicles with combustion engines is particularly high, especially in inner cities. This applies to privately owned cars as well as publicly operated vehicles of cities and municipalities. Particulate matter standards and energy balances have been at the core of many (political) concepts for a long time, with the consequence that large cities have to pay high penalties for non-compliance with the limits for particulate matter pursuant to the EU Air Quality Directive. 

However, large commercial vehicles, such as construction vehicles and machines, are essential for maintaining public life and designing public spaces. It is not necessary, however, that such vehicle fleets use combustion engines. Electrically powered or driven construction vehicles are the solution.

Intelligent solutions for the future

Voltabox develops and manufactures intelligent, innovative, and integrated battery systems for various applications. The modules are based on Li-Ion technology, which can be used to configure batteries with high cycle stability and high output. Voltabox thus greatly contributes to the improvement of the energy balance and the reduction of particulate matter in inner cities. 

If you would like to learn more about the technologies and high-performance battery systems, please contact Voltabox directly. The staff will be happy to offer a detailed consultation!