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Sustainably mobile and efficient for Industry 4.0

Electrically operated floor conveyors such as forklift trucks and driverless transport systems form the basis for sustainability, efficiency, and environmental protection in manufacturing and logistics companies. 

High performance batteries with versatile advantages 

The use of electrical forklifts and other electrical floor conveyors significantly reduces exhaust and noise pollution in production or warehouse facilities. Electrical forklifts and floor conveyors equipped with high-performance battery systems are characterized by their proven fast-charging capability and durability. Permanently installed charging infrastructure in buildings is no longer necessary. Any conventional power outlet can be used for free and flexible charging. The operational efficiency can be increased by skillfully integrating charging processes into the production chain. 

Voltabox offers solutions for front loaders, reach trucks, tractors, and more, which have proven themselves thousands of times in continuous, tough use. The high-performance battery systems are maintenance-free, have a highly stable cycle, and are available around the clock in any weather.

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For modern logistics and manufacturing processes

Opportunity charging 

Seamless operation due to short charge times and the intelligent integration of charging processes into operational processes (e.g. shift change). 


The use of electrically operated machines and equipment reduces the exhaust and noise pollution for employees as well as the environment.

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Voltabox – a reliable partnership!

Efficiency enhancement, economy, and sustainability can be achieved not only with electric forklift trucks and other floor conveyors, but also with driverless transport systems or automated guided vehicles (AGV), which are equipped with high-performance batteries by Voltabox. 

The battery systems, electric forklift trucks and floor conveyors are already in use in many different businesses. 

Customized solutions depending on application 

Voltabox develops and manufactures high-performance batteries based on Li-Ion technology. Voltabox's unique, proprietary modular principle provides customers with a decisive advantage: The systems are specially adapted to the respective application, as important factors such as cell chemistries and energy content are custom-designed for specific applications.

If you would like to learn more about the possibility of operating forklifts, tractors, and other intralogistic machines with high-performance battery systems, simply use the contact form. The Voltabox team will be happy to offer a personal consultation!