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Custom-made battery systems in mining

With Li-Ion high-performance battery systems, Voltabox offers an ideal solution for those industries in which conventional combustion engines and conventional lead batteries cannot withstand the high demands and stresses. This includes mining. Mining vehicles are chiefly powered by diesel engines and lead acid systems, which not only complicate the problem of fresh air supply underground, but can also not be fully used in shift work.

High-performance batteries increase efficiency

The modular high-performance battery systems by Voltabox for purely electric mining vehicles are efficient, sustainable, and economical solutions for these and other problems.

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By replacing existing diesel engines and lead batteries, durable Voltabox battery systems also significantly contribute to the reduction of the necessary fresh air supply. No more polluting exhaust fumes in underground mines – this has a positive effect on costs, the environment, as well as the health of employees! 

Increased efficiency

Mining vehicles powered by Voltabox batteries offer significantly higher operating times in comparison to lead acid-powered vehicles. This increases output per shift.

Voltabox battery systems: strict requirements met!

Safety is the highest priority for the Li-Ion battery systems produced by Voltabox. An integrated battery management system (BMS) monitors and continuously controls the most important parameters such as cell voltage and temperature, and communicates with the vehicle. The Li-Ion battery systems are also proven underground. Voltabox offers profound expertise and many years of experience in the development, validation, and production of high-quality system solutions that are safe and reliable.

Well-known battery test laboratories are partners of Voltabox. For applications in underground mining, the Voltabox battery systems meet the requirements for explosion-proof zones as well as all MSHA, ATEX, MA, IECEx and GOST requirements.

Flexible design for optimum solutions

Only the application decides the battery. This requires an uncompromising concept that holds up to the demands on every level: Voltabox has designed its battery systems so that their modular design can always be adapted to the different requirements of a customer.

This means: You describe your concerns to the Voltabox team and the company develops an individual battery system that is optimally suited to the respective requirements. Cell chemistries, design, and other factors are optimally matched to the applications. You will always receive a customized battery system from Voltabox!

The team will be happy to assist you personally if you would like more information about technologies and development of the individual battery systems!