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Using energy sensibly

Landscape maintenance and conversation, refuse collection and road cleaning, sweepers and snowplows: municipalities use different vehicles – continuously, in large fleets. In these regards, municipal vehicles play an essential role when it comes to pollution. Large cities in particular are polluted because of the high volume of traffic – and rather than banning vehicles with combustion engines and thus all municipal vehicles from inner cities, it is important to use intelligent and innovative battery-electric drives.

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High demands to electric vehicles 

In light of today's problems with high energy consumption and modern technologies, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conversation, and Nuclear Safety has initiated the project "Battery-Electric Waste Management with Robotic Support" to promote the use of hybrid and electric vehicles in urban and municipal areas. 

The development of a purely electric waste collection vehicle with a speed of 80 km/h and purely electrical ancillary components such as compressed air supply is one focal point of the project. The desired findings from 12 months of real-life operation: the necessary battery design, possible charging concepts through battery charging (with auxiliary charge and recuperation) or battery change, the cost-effectiveness and technical reliability as well as the climate and environmental impact.

Goals and requirements


High-performance batteries are characterized, among other things, by long operating times and a short charge time, so that the vehicles equipped with them can be used for longer periods. 

Environmental protection 

Around 14,000 garbage vehicles are on the road every day, consuming around 80 liters of diesel per day. Switching to purely electrically operated municipal vehicles in this area alone would result in savings of around 280 million liters of diesel and 736,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. 

With its energy concept 2010, the German federal government intends to achieve a 10% reduction of the energy consumption in transport by 2020 in comparison to the consumption levels in 2005. Voltabox also designs the future of electro mobility and offers efficient solutions with high-performance Li-Ion battery systems that help save costs and resources while reducing environmental impacts.

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Intelligent battery systems by Voltabox

Cities and municipalities can use purely electric vehicles to sustainably reduce their energy consumption. Employees can do their work efficiently because high-performance batteries are characterized by long operating times, fast-charging capability, and robustness, so that purely electric municipal vehicles can be used all year round.

Voltabox also offers innovative and integrated battery systems based on Li-Ion technology for other areas. Thanks to the modular principle, customers receive a product that is precisely tailored to their requirements. Voltabox products therefore not only provide a significant contribution to the sustainable reduction of energy consumption, but also help use the customer's resources optimally.

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