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Enable more efficient automotive travel

Voltabox battery systems based on the modular modules can not only be used with great success in a wide range of niche and special applications. Due to their high level of flexibility they are also excellently suited for integrating 48 V systems in automotive applications. The advantages of 48 V technology are clear:

  • It is a cost-effective alternative to full-hybrid or pure electric vehicles, as it is not necessary to modify the entire powertrain.
  • The 48 V technology is becoming increasingly popular as it is a component of the OEM strategy to achieve the emission targets for its fleets, in particular for CO2 emissions, from 2025 on. A 48 V mild hybrid battery system supports the reduction of fuel consumption.
  • 48 V concepts also help to compensate performance losses in the advancing engine downsizing, and can even improve the driving performance. 

Voltabox can also optimally meet the ambitious requirements of this application, not least due to cutting-edge BMS solutions.

Performance efficiency

The 48 V systems based on prismatic LTO cells offer superior performance and are ideally suited to the sophisticated driving dynamics of such hybrid solutions. Peak power of more than 10 kW can be obtained at short notice with an energy content of approx. 1 kWh.

Cycle stability

The very high cycle stability of LTO systems by Voltabox perfectly complements the high number of cycles required by the application. In extreme cases, several hundred cycles can occur per trip with a low DoD.

As a result, modern 48 V lithium-ion battery systems for mild hybrid vehicles provide an exciting market with high potential for the tailor-made solutions already offered by Voltabox today. Voltabox draws the necessary expertise from a research project with FEV that has laid the technological foundations for getting started and has been very promising. The Voltabox special battery can completely compensate for the low-end torque with an additional electric compressor in the air path and supporting drive torque applied to the crankshaft, as well as the greatest possible electrification of auxiliary units close to the engine. The result is a significantly improved driveability and thus a decisive contribution in terms of acceptance on the part of the end customer.

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities of using mild hybrid technology? Please do not hesitate to contact Voltabox directly.