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Designing wireless industrial machines

Innovative battery-electric solutions play an important role in businesses, not only for large vehicles and machines, but also for small appliances such as sweepers and cleaning machines. The use of lithium-ion monoblock batteries to propel industrial machines offers great advantages, especially in the public sector:

  • Less noise pollution, e.g. in public buildings
  • Increased work comfort & more flexible application options
  • Short charge times for increased efficiency in work processes
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Why Li-Ion batteries?

Service life 

Lithium-ion technology, which is also used for monoblock batteries, features a high cycle stability in comparison to conventional rechargeable lead acid batteries, which improves capacity and service life depending on integrated opportunity charging. 

No memory effect 

The loss of capacity due to partial discharge can be avoided in modern Li-Ion batteries. Avoiding the so-called memory effect prevents premature loss of power.

Voltabox: A reliable partner

Voltabox develops and manufactures high-quality, innovative lithium-ion-based batteries for a variety of applications. The company thus makes an important contribution to increasing the efficiency of vehicles, machines, and equipment while reducing energy consumption in businesses and public institutions. The highest quality standards, reliable safety, and the best possible efficiency are crucial aspects of our products.

Would you like to find out more about possible applications for Voltabox products and technologies? Please do not hesitate to contact Voltabox directly.